Zodiac Sign Least Likely to Divorce

Aquarius is the least likely sign to marry due to their free-spirited personality.

12. Aquarius

Adventure is central to this sign. "Sagittarius doesn't like committed relationships because they need to be free and open to change their mind, move countries.

11. Sagittarius

Pisces thrive on emotional intimacy yet are sensitive and suffer with disagreement.

10. Pisces

Gemini is "the social butterfly of the zodiac. They require continual stimulation and adaptability. Once bored? They move on.

9. Gemini

Aries are fiercely autonomous, which is excellent, but their enthusiasm may make relationships problematic.

8. Aries

Leos, autonomous fire signs, thrive on pleasure and expression. "When things get too serious, dim their light, they will leave.

7. Leo

Despite their stubbornness, laid-backness, and charisma. They're chilly, but "once they find a partner worth fighting for, they aren't giving them up that easily.

6. Taurus

Scorpios are unpredictable but have strong partnerships. “Once they commit, there's an intense and all-in energy to the relationship.

5. Scorpio

Despite their self- and other-perfectionism, Virgos love personal progress.

4. Virgo

Capricorns prioritize labor in all facets of life. They "will do whatever it takes in a relationship before walking away.

3. Capricorn

Cancers are caregivers. They desire to be comfortable with a relationship and will compromise their demands for others.

2. Cancer

While Libras' practical air energy makes them wary of serious relationships, they love a good cliché love story.

1. Libra

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