Worst Foods for Your Stomach

The word "carbs" is sure to get people talking.

1. Carb-dense foods

Complex carbs use energy and blood sugar levels well, while simple carbs cause blood sugar and insulin levels to spike.

Trans fats, heavy fats, and omega-6 fats are all linked to inflammation, which leads to extra fat around the middle.

2. Unhealthy fats

You might be asking yourself, "Haven't trans fats been taken out of food?

Processed meats are tasty, but they have a lot of calories and heavy fats.

3. Processed meat

It's not only bad for your stomach, but it can also cause heart disease and stroke.

Fried food is often too much for the stomach to handle, which can lead to acid reflux and heartburn. 

4. Fried foods

Hot foods and prepared foods both make your stomach feel the same way.

But all you really need to know is that these are carbs that break down quickly and can make your gut feel bad. 

5. Milk and high-lactose dairy foods

Some people aren't allergic to any FODMAPs, some people only have symptoms when they eat certain FODMAPs,.