Womanly Mullets Break Stereotypes

A mullet haircut for women that looks as brave and fierce as its name. 

1. Wolf Mullet Haircut

This style has a bigger head because it has a lot of layers and fringes. Isn't it pretty cool?

Almost every part of the standard mullet hairstyle can be changed to make your own mullet hairstyle. 

2. Vivid Mullet

Changes to the color, style, or length of the hair can make the change you want. Check out how this pink coloring works magic on her haircut.

If you like to look like a wild rock star, this is for you. Our girl with the mullet haircut sure knows how to make her hair stand out. 

3. Multi-Color Mullet Hair

Can she stay unseen with her bright colors, bangs that frame her face, and bright tattoos?

Levels of edgy exist. This cut is so rough that it's out of this world. 

4. Edgy Cropped Mullet

Completely defiant and strange. If you think you can pull it off, try this sassy short hair ponytail.

This pastel pink hair has a flirty appeal because it has the cool style of a pixie cut and the sassy feel of a modern mullet. 

5. Pink Mullet-Pixie Haircut

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