Unhealthiest Sandwiches: What to Avoid for a Guilt-Free Bite

Piled high with oversized meatballs, cheese, and heavy sauce, this sub is a calorie bomb.

1. The Monster Meatball Sub

With layers of bacon, mayo, and processed meats, this classic is a sodium and fat overload.

2. The Triple-Decker Club

Crispy but loaded with unhealthy fats, this sandwich wreaks havoc on your waistline.

3. Deep-Fried Chicken Sandwich

Gargantuan portions of steak and cheese make this a calorie catastrophe.

4. Super-Sized Cheesesteak

A fried and cheese-covered sandwich that pushes your daily calorie and fat limits.

5. Mega Monte Cristo

Corned beef, Swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing create a fat-packed delight.

6. Giant Reuben

A carnivore's dream, but a diet's worst nightmare, filled with multiple meat varieties.

7. Greasy Meat Lover's Hero

Mayonnaise-drenched egg salad sandwiches can be a calorie trap.

8. Excessive Egg Salad Sandwich

A breakfast favorite with a high fat and calorie content, mainly due to bacon.

9. Bacon-Wrapped Breakfast Biscuit

Double frying adds extra calories and unhealthy fats to this fishy feast.

10. Double-Fried Fish Sandwich