Unexpected Breakfast Foods That Grow Your Waistline

Granola might seem like a health food, but it's calorie-dense and often contains added sugars, unhealthy fats, and even artificial additives. 

1. Granola

Consider making your own granola with rolled oats, nuts, and a touch of honey for a more wholesome option.

Croissants, Danish pastries, and donuts are delicious but notorious for being high in saturated fats and sugar. 

2. Breakfast Pastries

Reserve these treats for special occasions and stick to whole-grain options or homemade pastries for a healthier alternative.

Breakfast burritos can be satisfying, but they can also be calorie and fat bombs, especially when filled with cheese, bacon, and greasy hash browns. 

3. Breakfast Burritos

Opt for a whole-wheat wrap filled with scrambled eggs, sautéed vegetables, and a touch of avocado for a lighter and more nutritious choice.

White bread is devoid of fiber and nutrients. It can cause your blood sugar to spike and leave you feeling unsatisfied. 

4. White Bread Toast

Choose whole-grain or whole-wheat bread to keep your energy levels stable and reduce empty calories.

Smoothies can be a nutritious option when made with natural ingredients. However, many store-bought or restaurant smoothies are loaded with added sugars.

5. Smoothies with Added Sugar

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