Tuna Casserole that is Easy and Filling

Add violet flowers to an Aviation drink to make it more interesting. 

1. Violet

The purple-colored gin drink always gets people's attention, but you can make it even more beautiful by putting real violets on top. 

Like borage and violets, cornflowers have a beautiful blue color that looks great in baked goods and drinks.

2. Cornflower

The buds taste like cloves, so they would go well in sweets with fruit, on holiday cookies with spices, in the foam of vanilla lattes, or even on top of chai tea lattes.

Pretty pink hibiscus iced tea is one thing, but hibiscus iced tea with hibiscus flower ice cubes takes the pretty to a whole new level. 

3. Hibiscus

The roselle, which is also called Jamaican sorrel, is the flower of the hibiscus plant that can be eaten. 

Salads made with nasturtium and arugula have a slightly spicy taste that not many other salad greens have. 

4. Nasturtium

The peppery taste of nasturtium flowers goes well with the peppery taste of arugula, and their bright yellow and orange colors add a splash of color to meals.

You might love a bright meal with cilantro, but have you ever tried the flowers? 

5. Cilantro Blooms

The tiny flowers look like baby's breath and are a beautiful way to add color to vegetable meals, soups, and salads.