Top High-Protein Snacks for Fat Burning

This leafy green is not only low in calories but also a good source of protein. 

1. Spinach

 Incorporate spinach into your salads, smoothies, or omelets for an extra nutritional punch.

Rich in fiber and protein, chia seeds are tiny powerhouses that keep you full and help control your appetite.

2. Chia Seeds

 Mix them into yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothies for a nutritious twist.

Lean turkey meat is an excellent choice for a high-protein, low-fat meal.

3. Turkey

Ground turkey can be used in various recipes, from burgers to meatballs.

These young soybeans are a fantastic vegetarian protein source. 

4. Edamame

Edamame can be steamed and enjoyed as a snack or added to salads and stir-fries for extra protein.

Add black beans to your meals for a hearty protein and fiber boost. They're a staple in many cuisines and can be used in burritos, salads, and soups.

5. Black Beans

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