Top 5 Easy Dinners for Busy Days

With these paneer skewers, you can bring the heat of the tandoor into your kitchen in an effortless manner.

1. Paneer skewers stuffed with mint

This ingenious recipe calls for marinating paneer in tart yogurt before grilling it to delicious perfection. 

This is not your average burger recipe. First, the succulent, flavorful patties are composed of ground lamb and slightly peppery.

2. Lamb and chorizo burgers

After they have been prepared, they are placed in brioche buns and garnished with a fresh and fruity apricot salsa. 

If you truly want to indulge, drizzle a considerable amount of homemade smoked garlic mayonnaise over the dish.

The preparation of these salmon, zucchini, and lemon kebabs takes mere minutes, yet they are simple and incredibly satisfying. 

3. Salmon, zucchini and lemon kebabs

Thanks to fast heating over a high heat, the fish remains juicy, the zucchini takes on a beautiful char, and the citrus flavors from the lemon compliment both. 

Served with a rich and buttery herb-yogurt dressing, this is an exceptional quick dish.