Tasteful Pasta and Noodle Recipes to Rotate

Southern chicken and dumplings are soothing. Imagine delicate chicken and soft dumplings in delicious chicken broth. 

1. Chicken and Dumplings

Though ideal on cold days, you may enjoy it anytime. It's tasty and crowd-pleasing. 

Think about Beef and Noodles, the ultimate comfort meal. 

2. Beef and Noodles

It has juicy beef and handmade egg noodles in a delicious broth that spontaneously thickens into gravy. 

A summer-inspired salad that's popular year-round! The Greek Orzo Salad is flavorful. 

3. Greek Orzo Salad

The original lemon orzo salad has been Greekized with Kalamata olives and feta cheese. 

Looking for a quick, kid-friendly dinner? This ground beef Quick & Easy Beef Goulash is a winner.

4. Ground Beef Goulash

It's your go-to on busy evenings when you want something great without waiting. 

Prepare for a flavorful, uncomplicated Minestrone Soup journey! Cannellini beans and your favorite veggies in a delicious tomato broth make this vegetarian pleasure versatile.

5. Easy Minestrone Soup

You can make it quickly since there are no rules—use what you have! It's your ticket to a wonderful, Italian-inspired supper year-round!