Styles That Are Simple And Adorable For Curly Hair

 High, smooth ponytails and low, messy ponytails are both in style, but this ponytail in the middle works best for girls with curly hair. 

1. Relaxed Ponytail

The waves add a lot of flair to the look that was missing before.

This style looks like something Elsa from Frozen would wear.

2. Side-Swept Low Ponytail

One of the best things about wavy hair is that you can do easy, fun things to it, hold it in place with a bobby pin, and enjoy how complicated it looks. 

To make this beautiful twisted braid look, you only need a few bobby pins and a few minutes. 

3. Twisted Maiden Braids

It gives natural curls a nice finish that works for any event.

Put your curls into a high, smooth ponytail, and use a silver bun cuff to hold it in place. Here at DevaCurl, you can find the full lesson.

4. Cuffed High Ponytail

This cute hairstyle is easy to do and starts with stacking three ponytails on top of each other.

5. Inside-Out Ponytail Updo

This topknot is the easiest hairstyle you've ever done, but it lets your curls show off in a big way. 

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