Stereotype-Breaking Mullet Haircuts for Women

The modern mullet is a mix of being daringly feminine and expressing yourself in a sassy way.

1. Short Hair Mullet

A  short-cropped haircut with v-cut bangs and sides gives off a lot of sensual and tough vibes. The kind of hair that makes everyone look at you right away.

Even Dolly would look at you in awe. Versions of the classic mullet haircut that are popular right now are shaggier and have brighter colors.

2. Shaggy Orangey Red Mullet

And that means more charm, personality, and coolness that comes naturally.

There are no rules about how to do mullet hair. 

3. Short in the Front Long 

The front should be all business and serious, while the back should be a wild party. It says you're quiet but also like to have fun.

We don't think there's a better way to show that you don't care about rules than with current mullet hairstyles for women. 

4. Straight Haircut with Shaved Sides

Yours can be as fancy or as out of the ordinary as you want. After all, it's your hair.

If you don't like mullets because some women wear them in a bold, edgy way, this less dramatic style shows that a mullet doesn't have to lose its girly charm to be trendy.

5. Elegant Mullet Haircut

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