Short Wolf Cuts That Make You Want A Big Chop

The straight hair is given structure and dimension by the blunt ends, which also give the style a more streamlined appearance without sacrificing volume.

1. Bangs and Wispy Ends

This style provides a fresh spin on the popular curtain bangs by including a little version of them as part of a choppy mullet.

2. Micro Curtain Bangs

This shaved haircut frees the waves in the nappy brown hair, setting the stage for carefree air drying and adorable, untidy styling.

3. Wolf Cut with Bang

This version of the wolf cut, unlike prior styles that kept the sides relatively short, allowed for wispy curtain bangs to melt into face-framing layers.

4. Bangs and Face Framing Layers

This messy cut brings attention to the cheekbones by hugging the face at the temples, while also adding height and length to the face.

5. Cropped Sides

This perky style is ideal if you want to imitate the wolf cut but have bob-length hair.

6. Graduated Bangs

The back of this cut reaches the shoulders, while the front is an extremely short wolf cut, with the temples cheekily shaved for a grunge look.

7. Sassy Mullet with Undercut

Curly-haired women can't go wrong with the wolf cut since it brings out the curls in their hair and highlights their natural shagginess.

8. Wolf Cut with Arched Bangs

On the other side, this cut's choppiness eliminates the need for some of the hot tools and texturizing treatments that some people with straight hair may use to get their desired style.

9. Short Straight Hair.

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