Short Lunch Ideas to Improve Your Workday

At Delish, we don't like boring salads, and the crunchy apples and tart cranberries in this one give it a lot of life.

1. Cranberry Apple Quinoa Salad

The lemony, slightly sweet dressing is easy to make, and you'll want to make more than you need so you can pour it on everything.

We've made everything from Philly cheesesteak omelets to Philly cheesesteak quesadillas to Philly cheesesteak soup, so if you wanted to, you could eat them for every meal.

2. Philly Cheesesteak Cabbage Wraps

Don't worry, you're in good hands too. Try these Philly cheesesteak cabbage wraps. They are just like the original, but without the bread.

This easy lunch recipe is made with canned chickpeas, so it can be made in less than 30 minutes. 

3. Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

You'll want to put our lemon-parsley dressing on everything because it's just the right amount of sour, fresh, and spicy.

One of the reasons chili was on the original Wendy's menu was to use up the extra burger pieces and cut down on food waste. 

4. Copycat Wendy's Chili

We're glad they did, because this chili is just as good as the real thing.