Seafood Chains That Serve the Highest Quality Fish

Savor a variety of seafood delights, from succulent lobster to crispy shrimp, all served in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

1. Red Lobster

Discover the freshest fish dishes with unique flavor profiles that set Bonefish Grill apart as a seafood lover's paradise.

2. Bonefish Grill

Enjoy the lively atmosphere and the best crab dishes, including steampots and mouthwatering crab buckets.

3. Joe's Crab Shack

Experience Gulf Coast-inspired seafood with a touch of Creole cuisine, bringing you a taste of Louisiana's vibrant flavors.

4. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

A Boston institution known for its commitment to serving the highest quality seafood dishes, including their famous clam chowder.

5. Legal Sea Foods

Dine on the freshest catches of the day at this upscale seafood restaurant with a diverse menu.

6. McCormick & Schmick's

Enjoy expertly prepared seafood in a sophisticated yet relaxed setting, featuring a variety of seasonal dishes.

7. Mitchell's Fish Market

Experience a taste of the beach with this casual seafood chain offering classics like fish tacos and fried shrimp.

8. Seafood Shack

For seafood lovers who enjoy getting their hands dirty, The Boiling Crab offers Cajun-inspired seafood boils bursting with flavor.

9. The Boiling Crab