Recipes for Outdoor Cooking That Are Actually Easy

When we go camping, we want to eat quickly. 

1. Egg & Spinach Breakfast Burritos

We make these filling burritos at home, freeze them, and then heat them up over the campfire.

The popular campfire treat is easy for Mom to make in a Dutch oven, and it tastes so good and gooey. 

2. Pot of S'mores

Waiting for this to cool down so you can eat it is the hardest part.

Here's a sticky snack that's great for campfires and cookouts.

3. Cherry-Chocolate Pudgy Pie

Small hands can quickly put a hot dog, onions, and cheese on top of potato pieces in these cool paper packs.

4. Hot Dog & Potato Packs

These Walking Tacos are great for a quick dinner on the go, a meal around a campfire, or a simple game night meal. 

5. Walking Tacos

The ingredients are put directly into the bags of chips.