Quick and Easy Dinners for the Busiest of Nights

This quick pasta dish has a great depth of flavor thanks to the dried herbs and harissa, a rich and spicy Tunisian spice paste. 

1. Harissa spaghetti

This recipe calls for chickpea pasta to make it gluten-free, but regular spaghetti will work just as well.

Fish is a great choice for a quick meal, as this recipe shows. In this recipe, the salmon is quickly browned in a pan.

2. Salmon ramen

Then finished in the oven and put into a miso soup. Fresh ginger, chili flakes, and cilantro add flavor and life to the cozy dish, and fresh greens add nutrition.

This is the answer when you want a rich, filling meal that doesn't take long to make. The sauce is the best part of this dish. 

3. Pork medallions

Apples and leeks are cooked in the juices from the pork, while wholegrain mustard and crème fraiche bring all the sweet, sharp, and rich flavors together nicely.

When it comes to quick meals, this recipe checks all the right boxes: it's healthy, tasty, makes little mess, and can be on the table in well under 30 minutes. 

4. Ginger salmon 

The salmon will be juicy and full of flavor if you marinate it and cook it en papillote, which means in a paper package. Serve with rice with a mix of grains. 

This recipe is a great way to take a regular Caesar salad up a notch while still keeping it easy. 

5. Chicken and avocado Caesar salad

It makes great use of already-cooked chicken. The dish is made even more filling with chunks of creamy avocado.