Never-Eat-This List for a Neurosurgeon

Highly processed white bread has a high glycemic index, leading to blood sugar spikes and crashes.

1. White Bread

Choose whole-grain bread with fiber for better blood sugar control.

Fast food is typically high in unhealthy fats, sodium, and artificial additives that can negatively impact brain health. 

2. Fast Food

Cook at home or choose healthier options when eating out.

Margarine contains trans fats and artificial additives that can increase inflammation and harm cognitive function.

3. Margarine

High-sugar cereals can lead to blood sugar imbalances and affect cognitive performance. 

4. Sugary Breakfast Cereals

Opt for whole-grain cereals with lower sugar content.

High caffeine and sugar content in energy drinks can lead to heart palpitations and negatively affect brain function. 

5. Energy Drinks:

Choose natural energy sources like a balanced diet and sufficient sleep.

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