Mullet Hairstyles Defy Gender Norms

Mullet hairstyles for women are really very flexible. Just when you think you've seen everything, a new style comes along.

1. Boyish Female Mullet

This unconventional cut is exciting because it has a cute, boyish charm. The way the long side pieces hang over her shaved head draws attention right away.

This apricot-colored mullet haircut is so interesting because it has a soft, cat-like look. 

2. Apricot Mullet

We like the look of short, cut hair. With a unique hair color and long side pieces, you can make a hairdo that stands out.

When it comes to mullet haircuts for women, it's not about perfection. 

3. Piece-y Classic Mullet Hairstyle

It's all about loving your hair for what it is, styling it in a way that shows off your style, and being proud of your haircut.

If you haven't already noticed, mullet haircuts make women look much younger and lively. 

4. Mullet Haircut for Older Women

Probably because they have an edge and look like rock stars. So, if you're over 40 and want a haircut that makes you look younger, get your mullet cut down.

A bold mix of two famous hairstyles, the shag and the mullet. 

5. Blonde Wolf Cut Mullet

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