Making Simple Camping Meals Outdoors

My family and I like to go camping and cook over an open fire.

1. Potatoes and Sausage

These easy foil-packaged potatoes are great over a campfire, on the grill, or in the oven at home. 

This recipe was made by my mother over 40 years ago.

2. Skillet Herb Bread

You can make it at home or over a campfire with your trusty cast-iron pot. 

We liked this pudgy pie recipe as a simple camping meal, so I started making them on our stove at home for my daughter. 

3. Pizza Mountain Pies

I looked up how to grill ham, potatoes, and cheese in foil and then changed the recipe to suit our tastes.

4. Cheesy Ham & Potato Packet

It's so easy to grill corn in the husks. Before cooking, there's no need to take off the silk and tie the husk shut. 

5. Chipotle-Lime Butter

Just soak, cook, and add the butter you like best.