Low-Calorie Dinner Recipes Ready in 30 Minutes

This chicken rice bowl recipe is easy to make on a busy evening, and I usually already have all the ingredients.

1. Chicken Rice Bowl

First, I cook the onion and pepper in a pan, and then I make the instant rice. Add some chopped sharp cheddar cheese on top if you like.

For a fun, different Southwest meal, try this quick and easy main dish.

2. Avocado Salsa

The rich avocado sauce and shrimp are balanced by a splash of lime in the black beans.

This grilled lime chicken is spicy and tasty because of the citrusy sauce.

3. Grilled Lime Chicken

 Just marinate the chicken a few hours before dinner, and you'll have an easy meal. 

I love cooking, and my Nana and Mom taught me how to do it. 

4. Sausage-Topped White Pizza

Pizza is without a doubt one of my favorite things to cook. I made this meal my own by changing it. 

As a child growing up in a family-owned lodge, I had to help out in the kitchen.

5. Grilled Salmon Fillet