Light-But-Hearty Tuna Casserole

If you light a candle with lavender smell, it quickly calms and soothes you. Have you ever tried adding lavender to your baked goods, teas, or lemonades?

1. Lavender

This delicate purple plant adds interesting flower tastes to recipes that would otherwise be boring.

If you've ever used rose water to cook, you know how wonderful the light scent of rose is. 

2. Rose

Because rose petals smell and taste a lot like apples, they work well in desserts or main meals with a lot of fruit.

Calendula flowers, which are also called marigolds because of their bright orange color, add a slightly sour and spicy taste to food. 

3. Calendula or Marigolds

Only their leaves can be eaten, but that's all you'd want to add color to your meals.

Many edible flowers are more beautiful than they are tasty, but borage leaves are both. 

4. Borage

The beautiful blue star-shaped buds add a light cucumber flavor and a beautiful look to snacks and drinks.

Chamomile may be your go-to tea for falling asleep, but the soft, white buds can be used for a lot more than just adding flavor to tea. 

5. Chamomile

Chamomile flowers have a taste like apples and smell like roses.