Healthy Fall Harvest Dinners You'll Make All Autumn Long

This recipe for golden roasted chicken, red onions, acorn squash, and fennel is warm and great for fall.

1. Sheet Pan Roasted Chicken

With this easy recipe, you can turn a plain chicken breast and some simple veggies into a tasty dinner of protein-packed chicken covered.

2. Peppers and Tomatoes

Paprika and roasted peppers and tomatoes that are sweet and jammy.

It's hard to think of a better meal than this one when you want something fresh, tasty, and satisfying. 

3. Tomatoes, and Spinach

This dinner is good enough to eat once a week because of the sumac and lemon flavors.

When you combine juicy meat, jammy roasted tomatoes, and soft green beans.

4. Blistered Tomatoes

You get a satisfying dinner that is full of vegetables and won't make you want to grab a snack an hour later.

The chickpeas and mozzarella balls in this salad give it a lot of protein, and the cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, celery.

5. Vegetarian Antipasto Salad

Greens make sure you get your daily dose of veggies.

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