Foods That Are Bad For Your Stomach

Foods with a lot of sugar, which is also a FODMAP, can cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea, which are all familiar symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

1. Excess fructose

Fructan is a type of fiber found in foods like onions, wheat, and garlic.

2. Garlic, onions, and high-fiber cousin

 Some people have trouble digesting fructan, which can make them have gas. 

Beans are good for your heart, so eat up! The more of them you eat, the more gas you get. 

3. Beans and nuts

Putting aside all the jokes about this old rhyme, it says something important.

Sugar alcohols are another FODMAP. They are low-carb sweeteners that can be found naturally in some foods or added to other foods. 

4. Natural and artificial sweeteners

So, you might want to avoid foods that have them on the list of foods that make you gain belly fat.

Many people think that if they choose the fat-free choice, it will be better for their health or help them lose weight. 

5. Fat-free foods

High-quality fats, like those in olive oil and avocados, are some of the best good fats to eat because your body needs them to work well.