Flawless Desserts That Will Always Be Winners For Any Occasion

I found the right boozy summer cake for you that is only for adults. I enjoy both Aperol Spritz and cake.

1. Boozy Orange Aperol Spritz Cake

 This Orange Aperol Spritz Cake is made with oil, so it won't get hard in the fridge. 

I think of summer when I think of a pool party. I think of ice cream when I think of summer. 

2. Chocolate Ice Cream Bar

One of the best summer treats is a chocolate ice cream bar, which guests can pick up and eat while they talk to each other.

This beautiful raspberry lemonade cheesecake is almost too pretty to eat because it is made with cream cheese.

3. Raspberry Lemonade Cheesecake

The light cream cheese filling sits on top of a delicious crust made with freeze-dried raspberries, which give it a tangy and refreshing taste.

You may have liked baklava when it came in small pieces or triangles, but this recipe for Baklava Cheesecake adds a tasty twist: cheesecake.

4. Baklava Cheesecake

 At the bottom of this treat are alternating layers of roasted walnuts and filo dough.

I like Palmiers because they are so easy to make and don't take long. Palmiers are easy to make because you only need two things. 

5. Palmiers

You won't believe how easy they are, really. But they go well with coffee, are very crunchy, and have that rich buttery flavor that puff pastry is known for.