Feminine Mullets Break Stereotypes

A great haircut for women whose hair is hard to control and keep in good shape. 

1. Textured Blonde Mullet

Make all of that chaos look like mullet hair. Shorter is better so that it's easier to handle.

You should know that a mullet isn't just a haircut. It's a way of being. It's about having faith. 

2. Gothic Mullet Hair

With the right makeup and accessories, this jet-black, medium-length hairstyle is a great example of the goth culture.

Who would have thought that sharp and soft could be in the same hairstyle? 

3. Razor Cut Unicorn Mullet

This punk rock hair is so cute that it's hard to put into words. It has a daring punk vibe, but it looks very soft and girly.

Love mullet hairstyles for women but want a less bold look? Try this kind of style. 

4. Blended Mullet Haircut

Your stylist will keep the punk details to a minimum to give you a laid-back mullet that still shows off your personal style.

This haircut is coolly edgy. Her standard mullet haircut was made even cooler by her under shave and her baby bangs, which covered more than half of her head.

5. Mullet with Edgy Undershave

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