Female Mullet Haircuts Break Stereotypes

The shorter your hair, the more they look at you. A cool new twist on the classic mullet haircut. 

1. Ultra-Short Hairstyle

Old-fashioned mullets from the 1960s would be shocked to see this very bold haircut in the same league as them.

The signature layers-on-layers haircut gives mullet hairstyles for women a very cool and fashionable twist. 

2. Retro Mullet Hairstyle

We love how this retro mullet haircut feels textured.

This change has the allure of a good girl turned bad. The messy pixie cut on top and the cool mullet cut in the back are a fun and stylish combination. 

3. Edgy Pixie Mullet

Her edgy haircut goes well with the innocent look in her eyes.

This straight mullet hair will make you the center of attention. 

4. Korean-Themed Mullet

It can only be handled by a woman who isn't afraid to do things differently than everyone else.

Definitely the right kind of mullet hairstyle for women who like to dress in a unique way. 

5. Punk Mullet with Shaved Sides

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