Easy And Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair

This topknot is the easiest hairstyle you've ever done, but it lets your curls show off in a big way. 

1. Messy Topknot

The messy bun stays in place with the help of hair rings that can't be seen. 

For this style, you French braid both sides over a low mohawk-style ponytail.

2. Corset French Braid

That is pulled back and secured, then wrap it under and secure it for a finished tight look.

With its simple, stylish French braid and wrapped low ponytail that won't fall out, this style can go from day to night in a hurry.

3. French Braided Low Ponytail

If you think there's not much you can do with short curly hair, you're missing out on a world of hair items. 

4. Half Bun for Short Hair

The only hairstyle you can do with short curly hair is a half-bun. You can easily keep your short hair out of your face with this easy twisted bun.

For women with long, curly hair, this half-lob lets you walk on the tamer side (in terms of curls) by cutting your hair into a stylish lob length. 

5. Half Lob

Putting all the hair on one side makes it look a little Old Hollywood.

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