Chicago Bears Players Have Disagreement With Matt Eberflus On Critical Issue

Recently, wide receiver D.J. Moore of the Chicago Bears made a bold comment about Chase Claypool's performance in Week 1.

The narrative given by head coach Matt Eberflus in his press conferences after the team's humbling loss to the Green Bay Packers.

While discussing the Bears' 38-20 loss to the Packers in two news conferences this week, Eberflus insisted both times that lack of effort was never an issue.

Claypool did not do poorly in Week 1 because of his lack of effort.

He claimed that Claypool, while demonstrating his ability to do so in practice, did not apply appropriate technique on numerous occasions during the game.

Eberflus mentioned that he and Claypool discussed Claypool's play against the Packers this week.

Moore has made a very strong statement in response to Eberflus's earlier statements this week. 

The team's locker room, meanwhile, seems ready to point out players' glaring flaws, something the coaching staff apparently isn't.

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