Browns RB Nick Chubb Issues Warning To Steelers Ahead Of Week 2

Nick Chubb and the Cleveland Browns are 1-0 after defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 24-3 in Week 1.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are next on Monday Night Football. These two clubs hate each other, so it will be an entertaining AFC North game.

At gametime, nobody knows what to anticipate. Last Sunday, the Browns looked better than expected, while the Steelers lost 30-7 to the 49ers.

Even after the Steelers' dominating win against the Bengals, Chubb warned them of more.

"I think for the most part it was kind of a sloppy game for us," Chubb said. No, that wasn't our finest under those rain and weather conditions.

But I think we're far behind. But we showed a little of what we can do.”

This was a message to the Steelers, indirectly. Chubb said the Browns trounced the Bengals despite playing poorly.

His implication is that the Browns will play better this week.

Week 1 against Cincinnati, Chubb ran 18 times for 106 yards. Despite failing to score, he demonstrated he's still one of the NFL's most dangerous running backs.

In the huge win, Chubb caught four catches for 21 yards.

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