5 Ways To Use Imitation Crab Beyond Sushi

If you look at the menu at your local Asian restaurant, you might see "crab sticks" floating around the list of starters.

1. Air Fryer Crab Sticks

And that's pretty much all they are: fake crab sticks that are fried and come with a sauce to dip them in. 

There may not be a better way to hide the fact that you are cooking on a budget with fake crab than by making a rich, smooth dip with spices, cream cheese, and our old friend, mayonnaise. 

2. Crab Dip

We've certainly never been to one where it wasn't on the most-loved list of hors d'oeuvres.

On a cold, windy day in the middle of winter, is there anything better than a big, hot bowl of seafood, New England, or crab chowder? 

3. Chowder

During the off-season, if you live far from the coast and it's cold, fake crab can be a great (and cheaper) substitute for real crab. It goes well with other ingredients in big pots of soup and stew.

It's clear, right? We'd be shocked if something didn't end up in a taco these days, and fake crab is no different. 

4. Tacos

It seems like almost anything can go in a corn or flour tortilla, like chorizo, chicken, lamb, shrimp, duck, or mushrooms. Imitation crab is no different.

In keeping with the Mexican theme, enchiladas are a great way to use fake crab because they are covered, smothered, and deliciously messy with layers of tastes that go well together. 

5. Enchiladas

Traditionally, enchiladas are made in a homemade assembly line. They start with a filling like chicken, rice, beef, or beans covered in a red or green sauce-soaked corn tortilla.