5 Ways To Use Fake Crab Other Than Sushi

What's better than making your own pasta? Maybe pasta you made yourself? It might seem hard to make pasta at home, but it's actually pretty easy. 

1. Ravioli

Eggs, flour, water, patience, and a good pair of hands are all you need to make a tasty dinner that your Italian grandma might, maybe, give a small nod of approval to.

Stir fry is everyone's go-to meal when they don't know what to make for dinner. 

2. Stir Fry

Using chicken, beef, veggies, or even fake crab, you can quickly make a delicious meal that you can eat on its own or with rice.

There doesn't seem to be a bad time for pizza. You can eat it late at night, early in the morning, for lunch, dinner, and maybe even breakfast if you're a college student. 

3. Pizza

Experience has taught us that almost anything can be put on top of a pizza and still be, well, pretty good.

A smooth pot of macaroni and cheese is just as good for a weeknight dinner as it is for Thanksgiving dinner (after the turkey, of course).

4. Macaroni And Cheese

Mac and cheese made on the stove or baked with breadcrumbs, fresh homegrown tomatoes, and more cheese are both wonderful. 

Stuffed mushrooms are a delicious appetizer that is easy to make but looks amazing. 

5. Stuffed Mushrooms

They are great for parties, camping, or as a start to a romantic dinner at home. Usually, a creamy filling is piped into a baby Portobello mushroom.