5 Simple Dinners for Busy Days

This dish is the definition of simple and delicious. Utilizing the pasta cooking water.

1. Cacio e pepe

Copious amounts of Parmesan to create a silky sauce with exceptional flavor despite its apparent simplicity is the key to this dish's success.

Adding umami (that rich, delectable flavor) to a dish is simple with mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms have this in abundance. 

2. Shiitake mushrooms and fresh noodles

Not only do fresh noodles prepare extremely quickly, but their chewy texture makes them the ideal substrate for this dish. 

This dish is not authentically Italian, but we are not purists. 

3. Ham and egg linguine

The recipe calls for leftover gammon, but you can substitute sliced ham or even bacon if you prefer. 

The ideal combination of tender chicken, herb-infused tomato sauce, and molten mozzarella, this one-pan marvel is a speedy spin on an Italian classic. 

4. One-pan chicken Parmesan

The zucchini spaghetti' and grilled Parmesan and breadcrumb garnish make this dish genuinely memorable.

This Vietnamese-style chicken salad is zesty, tangy, and overflowing with color and texture.

5. Vietnamese chicken salad

The flavorful vinaigrette is also fantastic drizzled over roasted salmon, so it is highly recommended to double the recipe.