5 Simple, Delicious 3-Ingredient Recipes

Only bananas, cinnamon, and dates are needed for this vegan and gluten-free version of cinnamon rolls. 

1. Banana Cinnamon Rolls

If you have it, a bit of vanilla bean wouldn't hurt.

This pancake recipe is great if you are vegan and/or can't eat gluten.

2. Vegan Pancakes

You only need gluten-free oats or oat flour, almond milk, and bananas with spots on them. 

Put "ice cream" and "French toast" in the same sentence, and we'll start salivating.

3. Ice Cream French Toast

Since you only need three things, we might as well start clapping.

Don't worry, we also have wonderful paleo bread. 

4. Cloud Bread

This recipe for bread doesn't need any flour, and it can be used for sandwiches or as the base for small pies.