5 One-Pot Dishes That Taste As If You Spent Hours Cooking

This unique, smooth sauce made from tahini will take your pasta to the next level. 

1. Tahini Pasta

Blended with garlic, lemon juice, and a little bit of spice, the tahini sauce perfectly covers the noodles, giving them a flavor that is both salty and spicy.

Tortellini filled with cheese and tossed in a smooth Alfredo sauce make a creamy and cozy dish. 

2. Tortellini Alfredo

This classic Italian dish is rich, filling, and very easy to make, which makes it a great choice for a quick and tasty dinner.

This filling and tasty dish is a great way to change up your usual dinner routine.

3. Turkey Taco Casserole

This dish is a crowd-pleaser because it combines the tastes of tacos in a handy and filling one-pan meal.

Enjoy the creamy, rich tastes of this chicken Alfredo that you can make in just one pot.

4. Chicken Alfredo

Tender pieces of chicken are cooked with pasta and a rich Alfredo sauce to make a food that is rich and warm, perfect for a night in.

This tasty and cozy dish is a mix of tamales and a spicy pie. 

5. Jiffy Tamale Pie

This easy-to-make dish starts with Jiffy cornbread mix as the base. Ground beef, corn, and cheese are then piled on top.