5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Win

Our goal was to make the best breakfast sandwich with vegetables. And we did it, because this meal has so much taste. 

1. Breakfast Burrito

It has crispy roasted potatoes, juicy tofu scramble, meaty sausage chunks, and a burst of brightness from the avocado tomato salsa.

These orange cranberry muffins have a great mix of zesty, sweet, and sour tastes. 

2. Orange Cranberry Muffins

They are full of flavor and color and are great for the holidays or any time you want to change up your breakfast, snack, or dessert menu.

We really liked this recipe for sweet millet balls. Millet is a vegetable that is often overlooked, but it is very important and good for you. 

3. Sweet Millet Balls with Mixed Berries Sauce

We love our sweet millet balls with a fruity sauce that has a hint of cinnamon.

This frittata is a healthy and filling breakfast choice. It is full of veggies and has a base of chickpea flour, which only has three ingredients. 

4. Light Frittata

 It's great for making meals ahead of time and can be eaten hot or cold.

These banana pancakes are the best thing to eat for breakfast because they are light and sweet. 

5. Banana Pancakes

You only need ripe bananas, flour, and milk to make them. They are easy to make and will fill your wants.