5 Easy, Tasty Dishes with Only 3 Ingredients

We love our Instant Pots, and this recipe for chicken tacos is a great way to use yours.

1. Pot Chicken Tacos

Great for both hard and soft tacos, as well as taco salad.

Pot roasts no longer have to cook for hours.

2. Pot Pot Roast

This tasty Instant Pot version with three ingredients and a chuck roast will take a little over an hour.

The root beer in this dish makes the meat taste better and makes it easier to chew. 

3. Root Beer Pulled-Pork Sandwiches

This recipe makes it easy to use a cheap cut of pork to feed a lot of people.

Another great weeknight meal, these wings are great for a casual night in, whether you're watching a game or not.

4. Grilled Spiced Chicken Wings

Get some ranch sauce to dip the chicken in, and you're all set.

You forgot about date night again? This dinner from a French market will be great.

5. Herbed Potatoes