5 Easy Dinners for Busy Days

Bulgogi is a popular Korean dish referring to the rapid heating of thin segments of marinated meat. In addition to soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sesame oi.

1. Bulgogi

The result is a dish that is intensely flavorful and spicy. In light of this, it is best served with refreshing cucumber, carrot shreds, rice, and a perfectly prepared fried egg.

This quick and simple entrée is one of those recipes you'll return to again and again for its texture and flavor. 

2. Gnocchi with chicken

Gnocchi, when fried, becomes crisp and golden on the exterior while retaining its pillowy interior. 

This dish is based on a famous Taiwanese recipe that calls for rice wine, soy sauce, and sesame oil in equal amounts (one cup each).

3. Three-cup chicken

Our version retains these ingredients but adds a few extras: fresh ginger brings the dish to life, chili adds spice, and Thai basil provides a delightfully fragrant conclusion.

Our simplified version of laksa, the beloved hot and peppery noodle broth of Malaysia, is aided by a number of ingenious techniques. 

4. Shrimp laksa with rice noodles

Thai red curry paste intensifies the flavors so that you get those deep, spicy notes, fish sauce imparts an underlying sourness.

There is something about the combination of soy and honey that complements salmon perfectly, as this dish demonstrates.

5. Sticky soy

This recipe, the fish is roasted on a bed of vibrant vegetables and topped with a dressing comprised of ginger, citrus, and peanuts.