3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscope

During Moon sextile Uranus, your love partner may warn you to slow down since you're being too pushy.

1. Cancer

The key is interrupting them with a wonderful suggestion. Wait your turn to succeed.

Moon sextile Uranus makes you ecstatic and desire to share fortune with your lover.

2. Virgo

You forget that today is the day they need to accomplish something important, and while they love you and want to hear you out, they need to focus on something else.

If you believe you've got it all figured out, you may share your expertise, but during Moon sextile Uranus, you may need to hold onto your wisdom for a few days.

3. Libra

They want to indulge you, but they can't listen now, which may calm you. Don't let their timetable stop you.

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