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Vikings To Sign Rb Myles Gaskin, Waive Wr Jalen Reagor

Vikings To Sign Rb Myles Gaskin, Waive Wr Jalen Reagor

Introduction: In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of professional football, players often find themselves at the crossroads of change. One such player, Myles Gaskin, who once held a prominent position with the Miami Dolphins, is now embarking on a fresh journey with the Minnesota Vikings. This unexpected turn of events not only brings Gaskin to a new team but also marks a reunion with former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores. In this article, we will delve deeper into this exciting development that has football enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation.

Myles Gaskin’s Departure from the Dolphins:

The world of professional sports is characterized by its unpredictability, and this sentiment couldn’t be truer for Myles Gaskin. When Jeff Wilson and Raheem Mostert decided to extend their contracts with the Dolphins, it became increasingly clear that Gaskin’s future in Miami was hanging in the balance. The absence of concrete guarantees in his contract made his departure from the Dolphins almost an inevitability. However, this chapter of his career has come to an end, and Gaskin is poised for a fresh start.

The Vikings’ New Acquisition:

Breaking the news on this intriguing development, Adam Schefter of revealed that the Minnesota Vikings are set to sign Myles Gaskin. This acquisition represents more than just a change of scenery for the talented running back; it signifies a significant addition to the Vikings’ roster. Moreover, it brings Gaskin back into the fold with someone familiar – his former head coach, Brian Flores. Flores, who previously led the Dolphins, has now assumed the role of defensive coordinator for the Vikings this offseason.

Minnesota’s Running Back Shuffle:

As Myles Gaskin prepares to don the purple and gold of the Vikings, it’s essential to understand the context of this move. Minnesota recently parted ways with their star running back, Dalvin Cook. Initially, the Dolphins were seen as the most likely destination for Cook, given their prior interest. However, in a surprising turn of events, the Dolphins opted to retain other running backs, including Jeff Wilson, Raheem Mostert, Salvon Ahmed, third-rounder Devon Achane, and UDFA Chris Brooks, leaving Gaskin on the outside looking in. Now, with Cook’s exit, Alexander Mattison has ascended to the top of the NFC North club’s running back depth chart, paving the way for Gaskin to make his case as a valuable contributor to a new NFL team.

Vikings’ Roster Moves:

The world of professional football is not only marked by player movements but also by the strategic decisions made by teams. In this case, the Vikings chose not to create a roster spot for Gaskin through a post-cutdown-day IR move, a common transaction in today’s NFL landscape. Instead, they have decided to part ways with Jalen Reagor, a former first-round pick. Reagor, who was acquired by the Vikings via trade last year, will no longer feature in Minnesota’s plans. Despite trade rumors surrounding Reagor, no deal came to fruition, resulting in the Vikings bearing the brunt of his fully guaranteed salary of $2.42 million. However, there is a silver lining for the Vikings, as the deal includes offset language that could provide financial relief should Reagor sign with another team.

Reagor’s Performance with the Vikings:

Jalen Reagor’s tenure with the Vikings, unfortunately, did not live up to the expectations that come with being a first-round pick. During his time in Minnesota, he caught a modest eight passes for 104 yards and primarily served as a punt returner. Given his underwhelming performance, it appears likely that he will explore free agency rather than secure a roster spot with another NFL club.

Vikings’ Wide Receiver Depth:

In the NFL, the composition of a team’s roster is meticulously planned, with each player serving a specific role. The Vikings, in their final roster decisions, chose to retain six wide receivers. Among them are Jalen Nailor and Brandon Powell, who will join the ranks alongside established starters like Justin Jefferson, K.J. Osborn, and Jordan Addison. Powell, known for his proficiency as a punt and kick returner with the Rams last season, appears to be the logical choice to replace Reagor as the Vikings’ punt return specialist.

Gaskin’s Role in Minnesota:

As Myles Gaskin settles into his new role with the Minnesota Vikings, he finds himself in the company of Ty Chandler and kick returner Kene Nwangwu, providing depth behind Alexander Mattison in the team’s running back hierarchy. While Mattison is seen as a capable three-down back, Gaskin’s experience and versatility could prove invaluable for the Vikings, especially considering Mattison’s limited experience in this multifaceted role. The Vikings appear keen on bolstering their running back depth, recognizing its importance in the upcoming season.

Gaskin’s Miami Journey:

Myles Gaskin’s journey in Miami was a tale of highs and lows. Under the guidance of Brian Flores, the former seventh-round pick emerged as a reliable presence in the backfield, accumulating an impressive 1,196 rushing yards over the course of the 2020 and 2021 seasons. His peak performance came in 2021 when he averaged an impressive 4.1 yards per carry. However, his role shifted under Mike McDaniel’s leadership last season, and he became a seldom-used backup. His season came to an early end when the Dolphins placed him on IR in December, coinciding with the acquisition of Jeff Wilson via trade.


In the unpredictable world of professional football, change is a constant. Myles Gaskin’s transition to the Minnesota Vikings presents a promising opportunity for him to rejuvenate his career under the guidance of former mentor Brian Flores. As the Vikings undergo changes in their roster and strategy, Gaskin’s experience and versatility could make him a valuable asset in their quest for success in the upcoming NFL season. While the outcome remains uncertain, one thing is for sure: Football fans worldwide will be closely watching this new chapter in Gaskin’s career, eager to see how it unfolds.

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