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Steelers To Sign Cb Desmond King

Steelers To Sign Cb Desmond King


The National Football League (NFL) is a competitive environment in which the only thing that is ever certain is change. Players frequently find themselves in the midst of a tornado of transformations, and for Desmond King, an experienced cornerback, his journey takes an exciting turn as he begins a new path with the Pittsburgh Steelers. King’s career is by no means ended, despite the fact that he did not win a spot on the 53-man roster of the Houston Texans. In the following paragraphs, we will go into the specifics of King’s career to this point, as well as his recent endeavor with the Steelers, and discuss the implications of this move for both King and the team.

Desmond King’s Career So Far:

The journey that Desmond King has taken through the National Football League is really captivating. He began his professional career with the Los Angeles Chargers as an undrafted free agent (UDFA), and with the team’s help, he quickly established himself as an All-Pro player despite the fact that he had not been selected in the draft. In the course of his career, he has donned the uniforms of the Chargers, the Tennessee Titans, and most recently, the Houston Texans, for whom he started 25 games between the years 2021 and 2022. His path through the league began with the Chargers. King’s career is highlighted by his extraordinary ascent from an undrafted rookie to a cornerback in the league who is recognized by his peers.

The Steelers’ Interest:

The illustrious Pittsburgh Steelers, who have a long history of winning, have seen the potential in Desmond King and have signed him to play for the team. According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN and Ian Rapoport of, the Steelers have reportedly signed King to a one-year contract. This demonstrates the Steelers’ dedication to bolstering their defensive squad, particularly in the slot cornerback position. A team like the Steelers that has big aspirations would benefit from King’s signing because of his reputation as a cornerback who can play multiple positions and is skilled.

Roster Implications:

The purchase of King takes place at a fascinating crossroads in the NFL schedule. Because the Steelers have recently completed the process of finalizing their 53-man roster, adding King to the team will require a corresponding roster move in order to make room for him. Because teams frequently use the post-cutdown day Injured Reserve (IR) mechanism to make required adjustments, this kind of situation frequently arises in the league. Before being placed on the injured list, athletes must first be put on the 53-man roster and meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for in-season activations from the IR.

King’s Impact in 2022:

The performance that Desmond King turned forth throughout the 2022 campaign was nothing less than amazing. Because of his success at the slot cornerback position, he was ranked 20th overall among cornerbacks by Pro Football Focus, a respected organization that is considered an authority on player evaluations. The ability of King to make key tackles stood out, as evidenced by the fact that he set a remarkable career high of 10 tackles for loss during the course of the season. Because of his versatile nature and extensive skill set, he is an extremely important asset for any squad that wants to improve its defensive capabilities.

Steelers’ Aspirations:

The Pittsburgh Steelers are not just any National Football League team; rather, they are a franchise that is well-known for their commitment to excelling in all that they do. In recent years, the Houston Texans have had difficulties, including seasons with fewer than five victories. In contrast, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a consistent chance of making the playoffs and winning the championship. The Steelers have lofty expectations for the next season, which are in line with their decision to sign King to the team’s roster.

Houston’s Defensive Shift:

The Houston Texans are going through a period of considerable transition at the same time as Desmond King is starting a new chapter in his career with the Steelers. The Texans are now in the process of switching to a new defensive plan, which is being overseen by DeMeco Ryans, the defensive coordinator. Grayland Arnold is also in the running for the slot cornerback position; however, it is thought that Tavierre Thomas, who just recently re-signed with the organization, would play a vital role there.

King’s Versatility and Special Teams Contributions:

The adaptability that Desmond King possesses is one of the qualities that set him apart as a player. In addition to the fact that he is an outstanding cornerback, he has made significant contributions to the team as a punt returner. In point of fact, King was named to the first team All-Pro for both defense and special teams play in 2018, demonstrating his capacity to have an impact not only on defense but also on special teams. His proficiency in this area, which includes returning punts for touchdowns in 2018 and 2019, adds another dimension to his value as a player, despite the fact that he hasn’t continuously functioned as a return specialist during the entirety of his tenure in the NFL.


The career of Desmond King in the National Football League exemplifies the tenacity and adaptation that are necessary to flourish in a league that is full of both problems and opportunities. His move to the Pittsburgh Steelers marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter that is ripe with possibility. King will have the opportunity to make an indelible imprint on the playing field and make a substantial contribution to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ pursuit of success in the next season as he joins forces with a franchise that is well-known for its dedication to achieving greatness. Fans of football all over the world will surely keep a close eye on this intriguing new member of Steel City’s team, eagerly awaiting the effect that King will make while wearing black and gold. Desmond King is a player who is destined for greatness in the NFL, and the upcoming season of the National Football League (NFL) promises to be an exciting chapter in the player’s developing career in the league.

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