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Ravens Name John Simpson Starting LG

Ravens Name John Simpson Starting LG

The Left Guard Battle Resolved:

In the ever-evolving world of NFL offensive lines, the left guard spot for the Ravens emerged as a central point of contention this offseason. Numerous aspiring candidates vied for this coveted position, intensifying the competition to its zenith. However, as the season opener drew near, Head Coach John Harbaugh made a decisive call.

The Chosen One: John Simpson:

With a discerning eye and a strategic vision, Head Coach John Harbaugh tapped John Simpson as the definitive starter at the left guard position (watch video highlights). Simpson’s extensive experience, honed through rigorous training camp and preseason participation, set him apart from the competition, particularly when juxtaposed with the other frontrunner, the promising but green sixth-round rookie, Malaesala Aumavae-Laula.

The Showdown Unveiled:

The battle for the left guard role narrowed down to a thrilling face-off between Simpson and Aumavae-Laula, unveiled to fans shortly before Baltimore’s preseason finale. Aumavae-Laula’s versatility, having spent time both as a tackle and guard during his tenure at Oregon, showcased his long-term potential. On the other hand, Simpson, boasting 21 NFL starts under his belt, emerged as a more proven commodity at this juncture in his career. In 2023, Simpson will embrace the first-team responsibilities, marking his return to the spotlight after losing his starting position with the Raiders last season.

Simpson’s Steady Rise:

A product of Clemson University, Simpson stood as a pillar of consistency in 2021, starting in all 17 games. However, the tides of fate shifted as December loomed, leading to his placement on waivers, despite a year remaining on his rookie contract. Simpson’s performance in 2022, as reflected by a PFF grade of 59.5, might have fallen short of expectations, but it marked the highest grade in his nascent NFL career, offering insight into the Raiders’ decision to part ways.

The Departure of Ben Powers:

Ben Powers, a standout at the left guard position during his contract year in the previous season, priced himself out of Baltimore’s reach in free agency. Opting for a lucrative four-year, $52 million deal with the Broncos, Powers became a linchpin of the team’s substantial investment in the offensive line. The departure of Powers initially appeared to pave the way for the 2021 third-rounder, Ben Cleveland, to ascend to the coveted starting role. Cleveland, however, failed to dazzle during the summer, and doubts loomed regarding his inclusion in the initial 53-man squad

Cleveland’s Uncertain Future:

As the dust settles, uncertainty clouds Ben Cleveland’s future with the Ravens beyond 2023. In the interim, all eyes turn to Simpson’s potential to thrive alongside former All-Pro left tackle Ronnie Stanley and the 2022 first-round center, Tyler Linderbaum. Simpson’s performance this season, if it mirrors Powers’ level of play from the previous year, could significantly bolster his prospects with the Ravens or potentially attract interest from other teams in the competitive NFL landscape. Ultimately, his success stands as a pivotal factor in maintaining the Ravens’ formidable offensive front.

The Ravens’ New Guardian:

In the ever-shifting chessboard of NFL rosters, the left guard position now firmly belongs to John Simpson. As the season unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate how this strategic move will shape the Ravens’ offensive performance and, perhaps, secure their path to victory. Simpson’s role as the guardian of the left flank holds the key to fortifying the Ravens’ offensive line, ensuring the protection of star quarterback and offensive assets, and carving a path to success in the upcoming season. As fans unite in anticipation, the Ravens march forward with Simpson as their steadfast protector on the gridiron.

Simpson: The Linchpin of Offensive Strategy:

With John Simpson anchoring the left guard position, the Ravens’ offensive strategy gains a powerful asset. Simpson’s experience and tenacity make him the linchpin in the intricate choreography of the offensive line. As the first line of defense for the quarterback, Simpson’s ability to thwart opposing defenders and create running lanes for the talented backfield is paramount.

Moreover, Simpson’s tenure as a starter in the NFL, including his 2021 season where he started all 17 games, speaks volumes about his resilience and adaptability. Although a waiver setback occurred in 2022, his rebound with Baltimore signifies a second chance to shine on the gridiron.

The Aumavae-Laula Factor:

While Simpson’s ascendancy to the starting role is a testament to his skills, it’s essential to acknowledge the potential of Malaesala Aumavae-Laula. Aumavae-Laula’s versatility, having played multiple positions on the offensive line during his college years, presents an intriguing prospect for the Ravens’ future. The coaching staff may envision Aumavae-Laula’s development over the long term, considering his raw talent and adaptability.

Strengthening the Ravens’ Offensive Line:

Simpson’s journey from Clemson to the NFL, including his time with the Raiders, has prepared him for the challenges that lie ahead. As he lines up alongside former All-Pro left tackle Ronnie Stanley and promising center Tyler Linderbaum, the Ravens have the potential to field a formidable offensive line. This synergy is vital not only for protecting the quarterback but also for opening up running lanes, a critical component of the Ravens’ offensive strategy.


In the ever-competitive world of professional football, securing the left guard position is a significant victory for the Ravens. With John Simpson at the helm, they have a seasoned warrior ready to protect, pave the way, and contribute to their quest for glory. As the season unfolds, fans will watch with bated breath, hoping that Simpson’s mastery of the left guard role will be the catalyst for a successful Ravens campaign. In Simpson, the Ravens have found a guardian for their offensive aspirations, and the gridiron saga continues with renewed hope and determination.

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