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Packers Engaged In Jonathan Taylor Trade Talks With Colts

Packers Engaged In Jonathan Taylor Trade Talks With Colts

In preparation for the 2023 NFL season, the Green Bay Packers have opted to maintain their potent Aaron Jones–AJ Dillon tandem. This marks the fourth consecutive season that the Packers will deploy this dynamic duo. However, beneath the surface of this decision, questions abound regarding the future of Green Bay’s running back corps. This article delves into the Packers’ interest in Jonathan Taylor and the potential implications for their running back strategy.


The Packers’ recent discussions with the Indianapolis Colts reveal their keen interest in acquiring Jonathan Taylor, an All-Pro running back who has expressed dissatisfaction with his current situation. The Packers’ pursuit of Taylor adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing NFL landscape. This article aims to shed light on the Packers’ involvement in these discussions and the possible consequences for their running back lineup.

The Current Backfield

Aaron Jones, a cornerstone of the Packers’ offense, renegotiated his contract in February. This strategic move not only secured more guarantees for Jones in 2023 but also entailed a $5 million reduction in his pay. Jones had initially signed a four-year, $48 million deal before free agency in 2021, which extends through 2024. Despite the potential to designate Jones as a post-June 1 cut in the following year, incurring a relatively modest $6 million in dead money, the Packers have recently demonstrated their willingness to manage dead money by trading Aaron Rodgers, taking on a substantial $40 million hit.

On the other hand, AJ Dillon, a promising young running back, is entering the final season of his rookie contract. The former second-round pick has expressed his desire to continue wearing the green and gold of Green Bay. With next year’s free-agent class for running backs expected to be highly competitive, Dillon could find himself among a cohort of high-profile running backs on the market, unless contract extensions are negotiated before the tampering period.

Jonathan Taylor’s Potential Impact

Jonathan Taylor’s story is one of a New Jersey native who first made his mark at the University of Wisconsin before being drafted by the Colts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Taylor’s impressive collegiate career and subsequent NFL performance have garnered him significant attention. His potential acquisition by the Packers represents a preemptive move in anticipation of changes in the running back landscape. While Taylor’s roots in Wisconsin make him a sentimental favorite, the Packers’ unique salary situation, post-Aaron Rodgers, adds complexity to the equation.

The Dolphins’ Interest

Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins have also engaged in discussions with the Indianapolis Colts regarding a potential trade for Jonathan Taylor. However, initial reports suggest that the Dolphins have not been willing to part with a first-round draft pick. The Colts initially requested a first-round pick or a package of picks that matched its value. Despite Taylor’s desire for a change of scenery, and the Dolphins’ ongoing interest in bolstering their running back corps, it appears that negotiations have yet to yield a mutually agreeable deal.

Price Negotiations

To facilitate a trade, it is likely that the Colts will need to adjust their asking price. Reports indicate that the Colts sought Jaylen Waddle in their talks with the Dolphins. This request encompassed the former top-10 wide receiver draftee, as well as additional assets. Given Waddle’s remarkable performance, the Dolphins were understandably hesitant to part with such a promising talent. Waddle’s second-year statistics included an impressive 1,356 receiving yards and eight touchdowns, firmly establishing him as one of the NFL’s emerging star wideouts.

The Running Back Market in Flux

The 2023 NFL season has ushered in a period of uncertainty for running backs across the league. While the Packers grapple with the decision of whether to bring in Jonathan Taylor, they are not alone in facing the shifting dynamics of the running back market. In recent years, running back contracts and values have experienced fluctuations, making it challenging for teams to navigate their strategies in this critical position.

Aaron Jones’ Contract Restructuring

The Packers’ decision to rework Aaron Jones’ contract in February 2023 reflects the broader trend of teams seeking cost-effective solutions in the running back department. By securing more guarantees for Jones in the upcoming season while reducing his pay, the Packers aimed to strike a balance between financial prudence and maintaining a valuable asset. Jones, a key contributor to the team’s success, now faces an uncertain future beyond the 2023 season.

AJ Dillon’s Ascent

AJ Dillon, the young and powerful running back, is another piece of the Packers’ running back puzzle. As he enters the final year of his rookie contract, Dillon has expressed his desire to continue his journey in Green Bay. However, the looming free-agent class of 2024, brimming with high-end running back talent, casts a shadow of uncertainty over his future. Dillon’s performance in the upcoming season could significantly impact his market value and the Packers’ decision-making process.

Jonathan Taylor’s Allure

Jonathan Taylor’s name has become synonymous with elite running back play. His potential arrival in Green Bay not only represents a homecoming for the New Jersey native but also signifies a strategic move by the Packers to secure a premier talent. Taylor’s blend of speed, power, and versatility makes him an attractive prospect for any team, and his connection to the Wisconsin fanbase adds an emotional dimension to the pursuit.

The Dolphins’ Calculated Approach

On the other side of the negotiation table, the Miami Dolphins have approached the Jonathan Taylor trade discussions with caution. While Taylor’s abilities are unquestionable, the Dolphins have been reluctant to meet the Colts’ initial demands, which included a first-round draft pick or an equivalent package of assets. The Dolphins’ commitment to preserving their young talent, such as Jaylen Waddle, reflects the broader trend of teams prioritizing wide receivers over running backs in today’s NFL.

A Waiting Game

As the trade deadline approaches and Jonathan Taylor becomes eligible to return to practice after Week 2, the NFL landscape remains in flux. The outcome of these negotiations will not only reshape the Packers’ running back strategy but also serve as a barometer for the evolving dynamics of the running back market. The decision-makers in Green Bay and Miami find themselves at a crossroads, balancing financial prudence with the pursuit of excellence on the field. The running back shuffle in the NFL continues to captivate fans and analysts alike, offering a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of professional football.


The pursuit of Jonathan Taylor by both the Green Bay Packers and the Miami Dolphins has injected a sense of intrigue into the NFL trade landscape. As the trade deadline approaches and Taylor becomes eligible to return to practice after Week 2, the market for his services may experience a resurgence. The Packers face substantial decisions regarding the future of their running back corps, with the potential to redefine their running game strategy in the years to come. The outcome of these negotiations remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: the running back shuffle in the NFL is far from over.

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