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Dolphins Tabling Extension Talks With Tua Tagovailoa, Christian Wilkins

Dolphins Tabling Extension Talks With Tua Tagovailoa, Christian Wilkins

In the world of football played by the Miami Dolphins, there are two important figures who are now receiving a lot of attention, and it’s not just because of their skills on the field. The decision that general manager Chris Grier made about quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and defensive tackle Christian Wilkins is both surprising and intriguing. This essay will go into the specifics of this tactical maneuver and discuss what it means for the future of the Dolphins as a franchise.

The Pause Button on Extensions

Tagovailoa and Wilkins Await Post-Season Negotiations

The front office of the Dolphins is taking a novel approach to the process of extending players’ contracts as the 2023 NFL season gets underway. Grier recently disclosed that the team will postpone entering into contract discussions with Tua Tagovailoa and Christian Wilkins until after the current season has come to a close. According to Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN, the motivation behind this decision is to avoid any potential distractions during the forthcoming regular season. This decision was made in order to prevent any potential distractions.

Wilkins: The Urgent Extension

A Critical Decision Looms for the Defensive Lineman

The imposing defensive tackle Christian Wilkins is currently the focal point of focus with relation to contract negotiations. Wilkins is set to become a free agent at the conclusion of this season, despite the fact that he is still exercising the fifth-year option on his contract. The former 13th-overall choice has distinguished himself as a star performer over the previous two seasons, compiling 108 tackles and eight sacks in just 34 games over that span. His ascent to the role of defensive team captain makes it all the more urgent to extend his current deal.

Wilkins, a key member of the Dolphins’ defensive line, has not only been a formidable opponent but also a representation of the tenacity of the club. He has been a force on the field. Because of his commitment and work ethic, he has quickly become a fan favorite and an obvious candidate for leadership.

Wilkins’ decision to stage a hold-in and refrain from participating in training camp and preseason games while he pursues a new contract brought to an unanticipated change in the trajectory of the path leading to an extension of his current deal. In spite of this, Grier gave his word that the two sides have not become hostile toward one another as a result of their inability to come to an extension agreement.

According to Grier, “We’ve had a lot of great dialogue with him and his agent, and it’s been very positive.” We made what we believed to be a reasonable offer, and in situations like these, it is imperative that the terms be agreeable to all parties. As a result, neither party ever harbored any ill will against the other. I like working with his agency. We have enjoyable exchanges of ideas. We are going to postpone this decision until, in my opinion, the end of the season because I don’t think it’s fair to distract Christian from his goal of what he wants to do for the team. For the time being, we are going to wait.

Tagovailoa’s Unique Situation

The Quarterback’s Promising Path Forward

Tua Tagovailoa, the potential quarterback, has a different scenario, and he is on the opposite side of the negotiation table from us. As a result of the Dolphins exercising his fifth-year option earlier in the offseason, he is already committed to playing for the team until the 2024 season. Tagovailoa is riding high on the heels of a tremendous career year, so the timing of this opportunity couldn’t have been better.

The path that Tagovailoa has traveled up to this point has been replete with both promise and challenge. He suffered a rookie season that was full of ups and downs, showing glimpses of brilliance and moments of struggle during the course of the year. Despite this, his tenacity and resolve have been readily apparent throughout, and they resulted in an outstanding performance during his sophomore year.

The numbers speak for themselves: he threw 25 touchdown passes while only committing eight interceptions in the previous season, a feat that earned him a spot in the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career. Because Tagovailoa can read defenses so well and throw precision throws, he has won the hearts of Dolphins fans and instilled faith in the coaching staff.

Nevertheless, Tagovailoa’s health continues to be a source of worry, particularly because of the persistent problems he has with concussions. Grier is adamant that this is not the reason why there will not be an extension, and he has stated this multiple times.

Grier highlighted, “I think just for him, it’s just to let Tua play again,” in reference to Tua’s return to the field. These things—his family, his friends, you (the media), and everyone else who is always asking him about it—can be a significant source of distraction for him. His representatives and I have had conversations that were broader in nature but did not really focus on that topic, and we have all come to the conclusion that we should “let’s just let him play out the season, and then we’ll attack that during the offseason.”


Timing and strategy are both of the utmost importance in the world of NFL negotiations. It is a smart move on the part of the Dolphins to postpone contract discussions with Tua Tagovailoa and Christian Wilkins until after the season. The goal of this move is to minimize distractions and ensure the best potential outcomes for both the players and the team. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on these two stars as fans impatiently await the offseason to find out the results of their contract negotiations. The future of the Miami Dolphins is uncertain, and the choices that are made in the coming months will have a significant impact on the course that the franchise will take in the years to come.

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