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Chiefs DT Chris Jones Seeking $28MM AAV?

Chiefs DT Chris Jones Seeking $28MM AAV?

Chris Jones’ Contract Standoff Persists

In the world of professional football, contract negotiations can often take center stage, and that’s precisely what’s happening with the Kansas City Chiefs’ star defensive tackle, Chris Jones. Despite pleas from fellow teammate Travis Kelce for Jones to return to the Chiefs, the standout defender remains entrenched in his contract holdout. This ongoing saga has football fans and pundits alike captivated.

The Battle Over Compensation

At the heart of this standoff is a significant disagreement over Jones’ compensation. Reports have circulated that Chris Jones is seeking a contract that would not only place him among the league’s highest-paid defensive players but also approach or even exceed the remarkable $31.67 million average annual value commanded by the Rams’ Aaron Donald. In contrast, the Chiefs have responded with an offer ranging from $22.5 to $24 million per year, a figure more in line with the contracts recently signed by players like Daron Payne, Jeffery Simmons, Dexter Lawrence, and Quinnen Williams during the same offseason.

The Chiefs’ Generous Offer

Delving deeper into the negotiation details, sports analyst Mike Florio of has provided additional insights. Florio reports that Kansas City has put forth a proposal that goes beyond the second-tier defensive tackle salaries. According to an inside source, the Chiefs have extended a three-year, $74 million deal to Jones. This offer not only addresses Jones’ earnings for 2023 but also guarantees $70 million against any potential injury, demonstrating the team’s commitment to securing their star player.

Seeking Middle Ground

In a sign of his willingness to find common ground, Jones has indicated that he is open to meeting halfway between the Chiefs’ offer and Aaron Donald’s lofty contract, which averages around $28 million per year. This suggests that there’s approximately a $10 million gap in total value between the two proposals, with the Chiefs offering $74 million over three years and Jones initially requesting a three-year, $84 million deal.

The Looming Deadline

While there may not be a strict deadline for resolution, Chris Jones has hinted that he could extend his holdout until Week 8 if his demands aren’t met. Such a move would come with significant financial penalties for Jones and the potential detriment of his absence to the Chiefs’ defense.

Teammates Rally for Jones

Interestingly, amidst this contract dispute, Jones’ teammates have rallied behind him. Travis Kelce, a key figure in the Chiefs’ offense, expressed his desire for Jones to return and join the team’s quest for another Super Bowl championship. Kelce’s plea underscores the significance of Jones’ presence on the roster and the unity within the Chiefs’ locker room.

Coach Reid’s Diplomacy

In addressing the situation, Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid has adopted a diplomatic approach. He refrained from publicly criticizing Jones’ decision to hold out and instead emphasized that different players have chosen various paths regarding their contracts. Reid’s focus remains firmly on achieving success with the players available, setting aside distractions, and maintaining a “business as usual” mindset.

The Season Opener Impact

The looming question is how this standoff will affect the Chiefs as they gear up for their season opener against the Lions. Unless significant progress is made in negotiations, the Chiefs may find themselves without their defensive linchpin at the start of their Super Bowl title defense. The absence of Chris Jones could pose a formidable challenge as they strive to secure another championship victory.

The Contractual Chess Match

Beyond the monetary aspects, this contract dispute resembles a high-stakes game of chess. Each move and countermove could impact not only Jones and the Chiefs but also the broader NFL landscape. The outcome of this negotiation will likely set a precedent for future contract discussions involving star defensive players.

Fan Speculation and Hopes

Chiefs fans have been vocal on social media, speculating about the possible outcomes of this contract dispute. Many are hopeful that a resolution can be reached before the season opener, allowing Chris Jones to rejoin the team and contribute to their pursuit of a Super Bowl repeat.

Media Frenzy

This contract standoff has garnered significant media attention, with sports pundits dissecting every development and offering their insights. The narrative of Chris Jones’ holdout has become one of the most discussed topics in the sports world, adding a layer of drama and intrigue to the upcoming NFL season.

The Waiting Game

As negotiations continue, both Chris Jones and the Kansas City Chiefs play a waiting game. The outcome remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: the football world will be watching closely to see how this high-stakes contract dispute unfolds.

The Implications for the Chiefs’ Defense

Beyond the headlines and drama, there are tangible implications for the Chiefs’ defense. Chris Jones, a force to be reckoned with on the field, was pivotal in the team’s defensive efforts, recording an impressive 15.5 sacks in 2022. His absence would leave a significant void in the defensive line, and the Chiefs will need to find ways to compensate for his unmatched skills and disruptive presence.

The Leadership Vacuum

Jones isn’t just a statistical powerhouse; he’s also a leader in the locker room. His absence may not only affect the Chiefs’ defensive performance but also the team’s overall morale and cohesion. It’s often the intangibles—his guidance, encouragement, and camaraderie—that make a difference on and off the field.

The Weight of Expectations

For the Kansas City Chiefs, expectations are high. The team is gearing up for another Super Bowl run, and the absence of Chris Jones adds an additional layer of pressure. Chiefs fans and stakeholders are eagerly awaiting a resolution, hoping that their star defender will return to bolster their championship aspirations.

The Contract Saga’s Impact on the NFL Landscape

Beyond the confines of the Kansas City Chiefs, the outcome of this contract dispute may reverberate across the NFL. Other players, agents, and teams are closely watching how this negotiation unfolds. It could set a precedent for future contract talks, potentially influencing how teams structure deals with their star players in the coming seasons.

The Endgame

As the clock ticks down to the season opener against the Lions, both Chris Jones and the Kansas City Chiefs face a critical decision. Will they find common ground and resolve this contract dispute, allowing one of the NFL’s premier defensive talents to rejoin the team? Or will they embark on their title defense with uncertainty and the weight of expectations on their shoulders?


In ongoing contract dispute between Chris Jones and the Kansas City Chiefs is a narrative that continues to captivate the football world. It’s a story of financial negotiations, team dynamics, leadership, and the broader implications for the NFL. As the season opener approaches, the stakes are high, and the eyes of the football universe remain firmly fixed on this unfolding drama, eagerly awaiting its resolution.

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