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Bailey Zappe, Malik Cunningham To Join Pats’ Practice Squad

Bailey Zappe, Malik Cunningham To Join Pats’ Practice Squad

The New England Patriots are making some intriguing movements in the ever-changing world of NFL rosters, which has drawn the attention of fans as well as analysts. These actions have garnered the attention of supporters. The following is the most recent information regarding the status of the quarterback position in Foxborough:

Patriots Secure Bailey Zappe and Malik Cunningham

Adam Schefter of reports that the Patriots have made the decision to keep Bailey Zappe on their practice squad. This move has been met with confusion because Zappe, who is in his second year as a passer, had a lot of potential during his rookie season. In addition, the Patriots have decided to keep Malik Cunningham on their practice squad, making it a very unusual situation for a team to have two quarterbacks on their practice squad. The adaptability of Cunningham enables the squad to utilize him in a variety of different capacities.

A Sudden Shift in Quarterback Depth

According to a report by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the New England Patriots have shockingly decided to release Bailey Zappe off their roster. According to his colleague Tom Pelissero, the same thing happened to the rookie UDFA Malik Cunningham. Fans are left wondering about the team’s plan for the quarterback position as a result of these actions, particularly in light of the recent departure of Trace McSorley.

The Search for a Backup Quarterback

Although the departure of Trace McSorley from the team was partially anticipated, it is still unclear who would serve as Mac Jones’ backup beginning with Week 1. As of right now, the Patriots’ quarterback room revolves entirely around Mac Jones, who is poised to take over as the starter without any competition. Nevertheless, because of the increasing animosity between Jones and head coach Bill Belichick, this scenario has turned into an intriguing one to keep an eye on.

A New Beginning Under Bill O’Brien

The mentoring of Matt Patricia and Joe Judge in 2022 resulted in a decline in Mac Jones’s performance as compared to the previous year. However, since Bill O’Brien has returned to the team, there is renewed optimism for Jones’ progression as well as an overall improvement in the passing game. Bailey Zappe was anticipated to have a role in this procedure; however, his status with the team is still uncertain given the possibility that he will be moved to the practice squad.

Bailey Zappe’s Promising Start

During his first year in the league, Bailey Zappe, who was selected in the fourth round in 2022, displayed his talent by playing in four games and starting two of them. His undefeated record won him plaudits, and there was even a brief debate between Zappe and Mac Jones, who is projected to go in the first round of the 2021 draft. In the end, Jones was the one to take control of the situation, and the upcoming season will be extremely important in establishing his future with the Patriots.

Malik Cunningham’s Versatility

During his time at Louisville, when he played quarterback, Malik Cunningham demonstrated an exceptional level of running ability. The Patriots saw potential in him despite the fact that he was not selected in the draft, and they made a significant guarantee for his progression. Many people had the impression that Cunningham had a guaranteed berth on the team’s roster since his flexibility shone through when he filled in as receiver during training camp. However, the ambiguity that surrounds the QB3 position makes it difficult to predict what his future holds.

The Ongoing Quarterback Drama

Concerns have been raised over the Patriots’ game plan as a result of their choice to keep Zappe, as it is likely that they will attempt to slip him through waivers. However, considering his recent position as a draftee, this comes with a certain amount of danger. In addition, the prospect of an outside addition to the quarterback roster cannot be ruled out, particularly if both Zappe and Cunningham are claimed. This is because the chance of an outside addition cannot be ruled out. When it comes to the always cutthroat market for quarterbacks, the Patriots are still a team to keep an eye on. Colt McCoy, a veteran quarterback who was just recently let go by the Cardinals, is reportedly one of the Cardinals’ targets, as reported by Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated.

The Fans’ Anticipation

Fans are anxiously anticipating the unfolding drama leading up to the beginning of the 2018 NFL season as the Patriots deal with the uncertainty surrounding their quarterback position. Due to the fact that the situation cannot be predicted, there is an element of excitement and intrigue added to it, which makes it a plot that football fans absolutely must follow. Will the Patriots go with an experienced hand like Colt McCoy, or will Zappe be able to make his way back onto the active roster? Time will tell, but one thing is certain: Foxborough will be teeming with excitement and expectation regardless of the outcome.

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